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confused about differential preload

May 9 2008 at 3:57 PM
kevin cozzo 

woo hoo, I finally understand how synchros work after a lot of studying, and reading, and now have the gear clusters all reassembled and a gasket kit on the way. I decided to strip the whole case down, and deep clean, and paint it, upon doing so I discovered a crack in the case, right next to where the axle stubs bolt to the axles, crack was all the way through. I had another 5 speed, and took it apart, to use the other case half, funny thing is it ALSO had a dent in the same place, looks like the axle may have come loose at one time and the CV joint slammed it
Anyways, my question is how to set preload for the differential, or if I even should, the races do have some very light pitting and I'm thinking of replacing the bearings, I see from the manual how they say to do it, but isn't the race gonna be tight. I'm guessing that I need to reassemble the case halves with the new races/bearings in place, and the race retainer removed, and bolting the case halves together will push the race out, then use the old shim to measure the difference, and get a new shim,is this correct?
BTW, I found another way to remove the axle stubs without a slide hammer, just use long 13 mm bolts to push the shaft out against some wood wedges
Thanks in advance for any advice, Kevin Cozzo

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