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Midwest X1/9 Open House, on a wing and a prayer. DL Warn!

May 20 2008 at 6:58 PM

Bob Brown 

Here is part 2 of photos from Matt Brannon's Midwest Open house party last weekend, but first, a little history.
I bought Thomas's blue X, BB-4RE last winter, and he held it for me until I could collect it this Spring. Since
there was an open house party going on, I thought I'd coordinate the time so I could attend & meet some folks at
the same time. Thomas was kind enough to allow that, so that's what I did.

I bought a 1-way ticket from New Hampshire to Columbus, OH. About 700 miles. (That was the wing. The prayer follows!)

Thomas informed me prior to the sale that the throw-out bearing behind the clutch was bad, so my plan was to pull
the transmission when I got there and replace the bearing. I was prepared for the task.

Here's a photo of turning an OH car into a NH car....

When I got there, the blue X was waiting for me. Thomas & I barely got it to Matt's place and I began working on
it right away. Friday PM was spent taking it apart & Saturday was spent putting it back together again.
Along with a bad clutch bearing was also a bad clutch assembly. This is a photo of what was left of the clutch
pressure plate... Notice anything in peculiar?

So while I was in there, I changed out the flywheel to a lightened (and balanced) one, put in a new clutch for
good measure and finished the assembly. And not a moment too soon, as Matt and Marnie needed the space for tables.

And so it was. And I want to publicly thank Matt and Marnie for everything they did, and especially Matt for
lending a hand (and some badly needed parts) to finish the job. I guess when you get nearly as old as Tony Natoli,
your shoulders give out and you have to get help at times. Ha! But seriously, I appreciate beyond words Matt
opening up his workspace and the use of all his tools to allow me to do this. There are few folks in our lifetime
we'd meet that would do this.

My 700 mile trip home was relatively uneventful. Only 1 rest into a traffic jam where the engine got a little too
hot, so I pulled over for 15 minutes to let things cool down, and got back on my way. I had daylight all the way.
(barely!) But a success story is a good story, for me anyway. Prayer answered!

So, on with the photos...

I'll start with dinner, though I only have 1 picture to show. We were waiting for tables (and the rest of the
party) so Matt treated us to a couple drinks. Here you see their son fitting in comfortably with the group. And
yes, that's root beer!

After the dinner, I made my way back to the Hotel (about 3 miles) with NO HEADLIGHTS. Fun-Fun-Fun! Lots of
reminders... The morning of the show, I wired in a set of insertable headlight mods to get lights working
directly off the battery. Missed some socializing with the group, but got through it.

Here's Thomas & Eric...

Bob G, Jim D, Thomas B...

It will take me too long to post all the names with the photos, so I'll go light with the intros... Enjoy the show.

Jim D, and (?)

Bob, Marnie, Eric

Chow down!

Matt showing some old prints

Now on to the cars...

This is a BEAUTIFUL red...

Thomas B. taking some final looks...

Bob (?)

Bob G.

Can you tell by this photo that this is a SERIOUS X1/9 shop?

It's Dayton Tom and (?) (sorry for lack of name!)

Matt enjoying a brew...

One of Matt's racers


Hope you've enjoyed the show. Until next year!

Bob Brown

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