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Not fretting, just thinking ahead

May 26 2008 at 8:14 AM
Eric Hamilton (Durham, NC) 

Response to Hey Eric... don't fret just yet...

OF COURSE I have a smog pump; they came with all '74s. But I doubt mine is doing any harm; I maintain it very carefully: I fully rebuilt its cardboard box, then carefully cleaned and dusted the shelf before I reinstalled it in the back of the closet. I take it out of the closet every year to verify that it still functions properly; it should be able to weigh down three standard sheets of typing paper in a five-knot breeze.

No EGR. That came later. (Did any of the 1300s have it? I owned a '78 back in '78, that was the last year of the 1300, and I don't remember EGR on it).

I've been waiting for an excuse to try that ATF trick...

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