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Yes - a NB and also WB

June 10 2008 at 9:05 PM

Response to did you have the narrow band installed as well?

A new narrow band was installed to feed the L-jet (only) and a seperate wideband was installed further downstream just before the cat. WB was only used for loging, no feedback to the ECU. My comment was about AFR during cruise (10-15"Hg). Mixture at idle and decel were where I'd expect them.

Idle was 13.7-14, cruise at 14.1-14.5, and closed throttle decel was 20+. At cruise, the AFR dithered about every 0.6 seconds. Datalogs were taken, but in a queer format.

Fuel pressure was verified to be in spec, I couldn't think of what else to check. Narrow band and wide band were mounted about 6" apart. NB grounded through it's housing, WB grounded to the valve cover (using #10 copper, on the same stud as the EFI ground)

Thoughts, oh wise one ?

From the glass lined tanks of old Bertone

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