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if it's being bumped to jab and keep it bleeding, then so be it. HERE YOU GO-

June 17 2008 at 8:32 PM
greg silver 

Response to I am disappointed in Greg Silver

I'd first like to thank ALL on this forum, but primarily (since it was the last post I'd read, and probably the most ACCURATE according to what should be noted at this point) thanks to TonyK. Without all the ridicule and details being aired, he made a point for BOTH sides that is more understandable than opening wounds further on both sides.

He's right: I will have to find the path that leads where I want to be. Just as Tony Natoli stated in this public forum in his posts, and as Rudy has stated to me in private emails (besides his public posts)- all three members have said almost the same thing to me that I concluded as well- I HAVE TO MAKE AMENDS, AND DO SO AT THE SAME TIME AS FINDING MY OWN PATH TO DO SO. I am currently working up a plan to straighten it all out. But there is no way in hell that I can drop and say Uncle and do it all at once. You eat an Elephant one piece at a time.

Not to steal your words, TonyK, but I must at least quote these:
"It is truely an honor to be part of this forum and the people that participate in it. Thanks fellows for your efforts and generosity, the winners are those on this forum who in their hearts did the right thing. No one should feel bad about their efforts, but only proud. It is a pleasure to be a part of your lives on this forum." And that comes from ME.

1. For anyone that doesn't recall, as well as for anyone that doesn't KNOW who I am (Geoff, in oz, and others)-
PERFORM A SEARCH of the archives looking for any and all posts on Xweb over the past few years, with my name or anything to do with me. You will find, and it seems that some need to be reminded, that I have been a valuable contributing member of this forum- I hope that I have done more good than harm, but since all the focus is on the negative right now...well, just review it for yourself. I have helped MANY with parts, shipping, advice, as well as physical help (helped Rudy and family move into a new home here in Vegas), and MONEY...and when it comes to the Tony Natoli Accident Fund that is being questioned now- how dare you. ANY of you. That was FAR before this misfortune that I've gone through, and it was out of the goodness of my heart that I stepped forwards to do it. NONE of the money donated went to anything more than to help him out with everything, and in fact, I provided a few members with details as well.
And yet, those that I've helped have joined in without so much as an email to me to ask "What is real and what is not?"....

2. Has no one here gone through a financial crisis? Has no one asked for help? Has no one gone after a loan, much less multiple loans? I am NOT stating that I am perfect nor have I been exemplary in all this- but I also NEVER figured that while I asked for help, my job would fail and my follow up job would fail as well. These things happen in life, and you move on. So I did. I took a secondary job, and now have a completely new job to hopefully bring in the money required to get back on track.

The deal with Allen Mandlebaum was between he and I. That's how it should have stayed. The fact that it has been aired here in a public forum, in order to create an awareness or to "aire out dirty laundry" is in my opinion- short of his character and the respect that I'd had for him.

***I had a business that I was working for, during the last 4 months, that folded. It left me financially destitute during the process, which is where more of the $$ troubles came in and I needed more help. I had one of our forum members (who has NOT yet posted a reply to all of this yet) that struck a deal with my company for a Commercial, costing $3500. His promise to pay never came to fruition. I waited, I emailed, I called, I was avoided 50% of the time, yet I NEVER ONCE AIRED THAT DIRTY LAUNDRY HERE ON XWEB. I respected him enough to not call him out. And that was yet another financial problem that pushed me further in the hole. But to bring it out here in public? WHY?

As for Allen: I have emailed him. I have called him. I have texted him. Many many many times over the past 3 months. 80% of my attempts to contact him went without answer. Including a note in the "late" payment made in April, asking him to contact me as soon as he received it, so I would know that he DID in fact receive it. Did he call me or email me? NO.

There are many many many inaccuracies in what has been used to trash me on this forum this past 2 weeks, and in emails floating around.

Two main points I'd like to make about communication:
1. Most of you KNOW that since my divorce, I've only had a pay-as-you-go cellphone, not a homephone, and no internet except for when at work...Being on a phone or on personal computer time is limited to when I can actually do it.
2. Just because I don't answer a phone, or an email- immediately, doesn't mean that I WON'T answer it. I do my best, when I can. Allen and Rudy have both been told the past week that my phone minutes are down to nothing. I have no money to spend on cellphone minutes right now. But I DID text Allen last week when I missed his call. I received NO REPLY BACK. I did get an excuse from Rudy on how Allen "doesn't know how to text". ?????????????

I was also told by Allen on Saturday the 7th of June, after we came to an agreement, that I would not "hear" from him further. We were both in agreement, and happy with it. Yet a few days later I am bombarded with more calls from he and Rudy. And then threats. And then this all hits the forum. WHY? So we can publicly disgrace Greg while he's in a financial crisis and turmoil.

Allen's original, typed agreement to me stated that he would not go to these lengths until a payment had gone 90 days late.
The first payment was 21 days late, however - we DID have contact about it during that time. And then he decided to avoid calling me saying he'd received it.

Regardless of all the rest of the details, I have started (when time allows and it won't get me into trouble at work) to answer each post/reply via email. If that's not enough for this forum, and you'd all rather have it go further here in a public venue, then I'll gladly bow out for good. I have spent the past years on here trying to help others and enjoy this forum, and don't plan to allow this all to get blown up any further.

AND SERIOUSLY- Anyone stupid enough to suggest, attempt, or actually CONTACT my ex-wife in order to bring all of this up with HER as well: you might want to worry first about the legal implications that will bring on you, much less my wrath as well. DONT GO THERE.

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