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June 19 2008 at 12:08 AM

Response to guys, please understand-

Your point on EMAILS has been made and made and made and driven into the ground. Just like the point we all are STILL waiting to hear... WHERE EXACTLY is the car and WHEN EXACTLY do you intend to hook up Rudy & Allen with it? ALL of the rest of this stuff is just that, stuff, until, that happens.

Greg please understand I am in a position here where I do not have any real choices left but to stand here and say that bluntly to you. Because how we got here was dozens of people saying things about you bluntly to me.

I cannot speak for anyone else here but if I were these people I would be feeling much the same way. HOW can you harping on me/us about "EMAIL!" amount to anything credible in light of the fact the bulk of these same people are here because you've been blowing off all their emails for so long?

DO you understand that is the single and only reason these people ever got so angry and then all begin bombarding ME to DO something about it, about you, or else if you had just held up your end of "EMAIL!" none of these people would have ever come to me in the first place!

Nuff said I think that horse is dead.

Greg you are in bad shape here let's not bs ourselves but it is not anything I think you can't come back from. The only thing you have said here at all that gets any actual sympathy from me is your comment about now feeling "less than" because your image/standing/credibility on the forum is so in question now as a result of all this. I and mine have been so questioned before. I have been found here before to be on untenable ground with an indefensible position before. I lived. I lived because I just keep at sincerely doing my all to make good even when/if I am not quite firing on all cylinders.

You can and will get through this Greg but the only way this "on forum" BITE of the elephant you mention is going to ever "go away" and allow healing to begin for you and all is when we all actually see somehow here that you and Allen have come to a VISIBLE CONCRETE VERIFIED ON BOTH SIDES AGREEMENT about the car. That and I think/hope now you will be as responsive as the rest of all these other folks hope/know/believe you CAN be.

Really Greg it is all about the car and you can get this sorted out at least you can get it sorted out to the point all this forum stuff can be put to bed. Just get Allen the car and show Xweb you have done so. Then let the healing begin

Peace, -Mac

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