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Reverse problem

June 22 2008 at 8:46 AM
Kostas (Greece) 

Before a year i bought a 5speed transmission in order to put it in the car when i will finish my restoration. Some time in the past i opened it to see the condition and the only think that i saw was a bad 3rd sleeve which i changed with the synchronizers.
Today i put the transmission in the car and everything worked ok except from the reverse. When you put the reverse you feel the movement on the gear selector but the car acts like to be in neutral.
After a lot of effort to find a solution without results i decide to remove again the transmission to open it to find the problem.
What i found is that in order to engage the reverse the selector rod has to be in a position that the detent ball is between the slots of the neutral position and the reverse position. When you put the selector rod in a way that detent ball locks in the reverse slot then the reverse gear goes to hi to engage.
I don’t know if the reverse was okay and the problem started when i opened the case in the first time for the inspection because i haven't check it before i open it.
Is it a way to find a solution to this problem?

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