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July 4 2008 at 12:20 PM
Dave Potts in Liverpool UK 

Response to Hurry Chris ,,there's one on E-bay now one day to go A 1988 NT

Remember folks that the car was developed, initially, for european roads. Like many other cars imported into the USA the need to comply with smog regulations and crash worthiness, took away lots of zing present in its cousins. Bernice, rightly, points out that it was uneccesarily heavy, given the projected roll over requirements expected in California.
The MGB, a design from the late 50s, was still being sold and the TR7 too. The Europa was badly underdeveloped and very few are kept in the UK unless you're talking racing versions.

Unmentioned by anyone in the preceding string was a reference to the Mark 1 Toyota MR2. Anyone who's checked out the layout and sharp edged styling must see that the designer, Akiyo Yashida, later admitting that he'd used the X1/9's design as a template, had adopted wholesale reference points from the X1/9. Not surprising, then, that the front styling, side inlets and general dimensions were close.

So much for the view that the design wasn't a classic. For Toyota, even then, one of the biggest car manufacturers in the world, to go ahead with its own design, says volumes about its need to get the design right first time. Next time you see the Icsunonove single sketched line describing the outline of the car, as drawn by Nuccio Bertone himself, be in no doubt as to the respected lineage of this design.

Performance was, in euro spec at least, more than adequate and coupled it with 34mpg IMP consumption.
It takes very little investment to fit electronic ignition, twin carbs and free-flow manifold to bring the 0-60 time down into the 8 seconds range. Remarkable for a design from the late 60s / early 70s.

In the past I've fallen foul of some members for have vented my anger at the often unwarranted and inaccurate criticism thrown at our little sportscar. I'll resist doing so again, at least until someone gets Mr.Blog into a standard 1500 and he then rewrites his 'imaginative' piece again.

Remember I'm only a day's flight away! lol


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