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Re: Ah, a Saab story ...

July 5 2008 at 8:36 AM

Response to Ah, a Saab story ...

The owner of SAF where I get my 9000 turbo serviced every so often owns several Sonnett IIs and races a blue one in CSRG and once in long while SCCA (It appears they don't like SAABs either). So we have gotten to know each other and chat about car stuff over the years.

Serious Sonnett's fans prefer the earlier series II cars much over the series III. Chris, have you ever been in, driven or spent time in one?

As for the SAAB 9000 turbo I own, it's 91 without TCS and the only year with the long block 2.3L, rare with a 5 speed. It is basically an AERO before then SAAB decided to make a sportier version of this chassis. It's a daily drive with over 320,000 miles on it, reliable, durable, sort of fun to drive (feels like a truck compared to the X1/9), versatile and gets better as the weather conditions deteriorate into mush, rain and snow. IMO, it's the last "real SAAB" sold in the USA even if this was a joint Alfa Romeo, FIAT, Lancia project. Did you know SAAB sold Lancia Intergrale's in Sweden as SAAB 600's?

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