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Headlights again

July 9 2008 at 11:22 AM
Kevin B (asheville, NC) 

Hi Folks:

Ignition switch good.
Replaced headlight switch - same issues

Switch to parking light, pods go up, parking lights on
Switch to Headlight, all lights go out.

Patient is 85 model

White wire and Black wire at headlight switch both have 13v with ignition switch on

Black to Grn - 12v
Blk to Blue / red dots - 12v
Black to Brn - 0v
Black to Blue / white dots - 0v
White to Grn - 12V
White to Brn - 0v
White to Blue / Red - 12V
White to Blue / white - 0v

Ground blossoms in both headlight pods and under dash have been cleaned and treated with dielectric grease along with crimps snugged up.



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