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Clutch Update #2 - Verdict

July 13 2008 at 11:33 PM
Shooter (Rocklin, CA) 

Hi All,

Got some time tonight to finish extracting the transmission to see what was up with the clutch. With the initial extraction, I had a very good clue as to what was wrong. There was a small chunk of one of the clutch disc springs hanging out in a recess of the of bellhousing. See the red highlighted part of the picture...

If that was not an enough of an indication of the problem, pulling the clutch off confirmed the problem. Two more big chunks of a spring fell out. In this picture, you see the where the two pieces (plus the other small piece) should be.

So, Tony and Steve were correct and confirmed my hunch that a spring had broken. Bob Brown takes honorable mention with his hunch that it was the accuating arm sleeve (for that Bob, I will buy you the tallest Sam Adams brew if/when we meet in person).

Since I am a cheap SOB, and have limited money to throw at the X right now, I will probabably just buy a new disc and put it all back together. (In a couple of years when I am doing this all over again, you all have my permission to chastise me for not changing the whole clutch out in a kit!)

Thanks for your previous and continued input, it is much appreciated! Once the part arrives, I will post on my ability to reinstall everything in a timely manner...

Sean Dockry

PS: Sorry if the pictures don't work out or are too large. This is the first time I have included pictures using photobucket.

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