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Calling on Tony, TomMarcellino, et al... about GM alternator conversion...

July 20 2008 at 6:42 PM

Hi Tony, Tom, et al

I think I’m going to try this GM alternator conversion for ease of getting parts in the future. After reading the instructions in “Best of...”, I have 2 questions about the wiring and hardware:

1) Wiring: at the back of my current alternator (see picture) here:

I have 2 fat black wires connected to where the nut is. I tested the voltage there and it’s the same as at the battery. So, those 2 fat wires must be hot. At the square post to the right and below the nut is my red wire going to post 15 of the regulator (there’s another small black wire connected to the same connector here and I have no idea what that black wire is). Below that square post at the back of the alternator is another connector to connect a white wire going to post 67 of the regulator. What 2 wires should I use to connect to what posts of the GM alternator and which wire I can get rid of?

2) Mounting hardware: Can I keep the current bracket(s) on the car and use just nuts (thick and small as spacers to mount the GM alternator? They are just to align the pulley with those of the water pump and crank, correct?

Many thanks

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