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Hoopty or not... this is the question

July 30 2008 at 11:21 AM

Mike Alan 

Response to 15" wheels to find tires......

My PFG body has similar clearance in the front, but you have more in the back. The top of your arches /flares have a shape that may interfere with a tire taller than 21-22. 195 45's are available as noted above and would make a great tire. http://marktg.toyotires.com/file/18966.pdf

I'm shooting for 16's
16x7+15 w/205-45 Toyo T1R's in the front , 23.2" tall(will need a 21m(.75") spacer)
16x8+0 w/235-35 Toyo T1R's in the rear , 22.8" tall (MAY need 6-15mm (.25-.675") spacer)
I have 3"L 1/2" studs. We'll see if they work.

These are rough measurements.
Fender clearance from strut/spring (coil overs) is:
(12" from hub center to of wheel arch perpendicular to the spring, taller= more rear space)
10.5 +/- .5 in the front
12.5 +/- .5 in the rear

The coil overs buy 3/4" clearance over the factory sturt/spring past 22" tall.

The car is currently sitting with 5.25" ground clearance in the front and 4.5" in the rear on 21" tall tires measured at the rails. I wanted to maintain this hight and 23" tall tires was the limit.

I'll be completing the 4x100 hub conversion by the end of August. Should have wheels and tire by the end of September.

Hope this helps.

My Fiat history:
79 2.2L Turbo'd, caged, & stripped trailer car.
77 1300 4spd, PFG body, & baja seats, fun car.
- soon to be modded. Will post progress.
PAST - 74 X - was good for parts - RIP 2004
PAST - 81 X - first project car @18 - RIP 1998

Have phun.

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