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Radiator fan switch (my turn)

August 7 2008 at 7:34 PM

Gregory Smith 

On the drive to NE Renton, WA for the FEN meeting I saw some 3/4 gauge temps when I hit slow'n'go traffic (in Puget Sound? Really?). Some parking lot diagnostics (ear test) revealed no radiator fan action. Funny how that would make things a bit warm in traffic.

Today I ran through the checks. Removed relay E1, jumped pins 30 and 87, fans ran. This shows that fan motors, fuses are good. Checked for key-on switching circuit (+). Checked switching circuit ground (goes to rad. fan switch). Jumped rad. fan switch wires with key on and fans ran, so relay is ok.

Result: bad rad. fan switch.

Called Obert for price and availability...

As they say, hearing "$12 in stock"... priceless.

Gregory Smith

'87 Bertone X1/9 Corsa
'88 VW Vanagon
Olympia, Washington, USA

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