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Greg..I had this too..

August 7 2008 at 9:30 PM
Carl Auer 

Response to Radiator fan switch (my turn)

Had to run into Anchorage from Eagle River (Read Edmonds to downtown Seattle) and on the highway, all was good, but hit some construction zones and it got hot. Real hot. I know my fans worked the day before, but, they were not kicking in. So, I let it cool down and got home no problem. Just to be safe, I bled the cooling system, and topped up (2/3rds in the expansion tank) on coolant/water mix with a splash of water wetter, and then started checking the fans. Both were getting power, but just not switching right. One of the things I was going to tackle this weekend after shooting a couple football games was a weird wiring issue. I installed a new Sony Xplod CD player, and before my fans stopped working, when they would come on there was a massive drop in amps and the stereo would reset and the clock would loose the set time. So, I went to the headlight pod and pulled the ground sprocket (these are so much cooler then the 1300 grounds) and the headlight pocket one was corroded and pretty rusty, so I took my dremel tool to it and polished it up, cleaned the connecters and remounted it. Did the one in the engine compartment too, and then did the rear trunk ones. Tightened everything up good, then hit the fuse box and cleaned all the fuses and sockets and boom, fans would come on when they were suppose to and the stereo does not cycle power when the fans kick in, and it has been 3 days and the clock has not reset at all.

So basically, check, clean, and replace any questionable ground points.

By the way, I am waiting for a nice evening to go take some shots of the car. Today was going to be it, but after a full day of sun, just as the light was starting to get good, the clouds rolled in and rain is starting to fall. Hopefully Sunday will be clear for some pictures....

Carl Auer - 82 FI X1/9 "Copperhead"
Seattle X1/9 member #50
Professional Photographer based in South Central Alaska

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