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Did you bled the radiator?

August 18 2008 at 10:04 AM
Steven Shonk 

Response to Just picked up an 86 x1/9

That's the first thing you do when your X starts running hot. There's an 8mm bleed screw, at the top of the radiator, accessible from the left front corner of the truck. The screw is plastic, so don'r over tighten it.

With the engine off and the car on a level surface, fill the coolant overflow bottle. Then, open the bleed screw until the hissing of the trapped air stops and/or you see water dripping from onderneath the car in the area of the radiator. Close the bleed screw carefully.

Also, check the oil filler cap and oil dipstick for "mayonaisse". It would indicate a blown head gasket. The gasket can have a minor leak and the engine would run for awhile, but lose water and run hot. Also check for oil in the coolant water tank.


Steven Shonk
San Jose, CA USA

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