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Dragged empty trailer home...

August 18 2008 at 12:26 PM

...after 430 mile trip to retrieve long sought 128 wagon.
Sounded like a score...from dry climes of eastern Washington.
Front structure looked very good.
Body quite straight, with minimal rust.
Interior surprisingly good,
sans front seats and dash sacrificed to the sungod.
Negotiated price to pocket change prior to travel.
But I left it sitting.

Realize a car selling for pocket change
may not be worth sellers time to describe.
But also asked pointed questions,
and discovering aspects left unsaid left me uneasy.
Little matter of fire damage, windshield cracks,
RF lower fender flapping in the breeze,
missing underhood components.
In another time, small issues.
At this time, as new life with wonderful lady
takes precedence over former life of nothing
but garage time, it just didn't feel right.

Perhaps I needed to make the trek in order to stare down the reality
of adding another derelict to project list already over the top.

Plus, the acquisition of MSR 128 4dr, and iconic LezesigX
has made me see the logic of paying a little more,
and getting a little more.

Quest will continue for 128 wagon.
No urgency, since already have SL coupe,
Strada, MSR 128, and pile of Xs.
X fetish is ratcheting down,
while the FWD variant fetish is ramping up.

Not a total waste...camped by a lake,
visited fieldside produce outlets,
saw wildlife, including wild sturgeon.
And did the entire trip on less than a tank of gas.

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