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Transfer of Xweb 1.0 archives to 2.0 system

August 26 2008 at 7:08 AM

Response to About Xweb v2.0

It is "theoretically possible", but it has never been done afaik between the two systems in question (vb & N54), and definitely would be plowing uncharted territory to make it happen, so - maybe, but if so not any time soon. It presents some high technical challenges in the case of the two systems we have to try to "link up" to work with since there is not only the migration to make happen but currently no existing means by which to "translate" the wonky N54 database contents into the vb database...

Anyway maybe a full migration of some sort like that may happen down the road one day but for now we will have to just count on people bringing their knowledge with them to begin populating the new system with good content. Of course people can also post links over there to the existing archives/best-of/threads over here as well. Not the "ideal" option but it works for now. We just have too many more basic challenges to tend to on the 2.0 system at present. I am just happy the registration emails seem to be working again since I disabled a particular plugin feature...

Peace, -Mac

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