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wheel alignment - toe-in

August 26 2008 at 4:29 PM

I've noticed my toe-in must be out, becuase my tires are wearing on the inside - one side more than the other, but both wearing.

Anyway tried the 'string alignment method' and trying to get wheels centered and measuring the toe from the rim I'm finding really difficult to do.

Read in an old ford manual an alternate method and wondered if this would work

These are the steps....

1. make a gauge - basicaly a pole which is slightly less than the width between the two front inner tire rims. One end of the pole must have a screw 'in and out' for fine adjustment
2. center the road wheels ( this stage could be a bit of a pain)
3. mark a point on both inner tire rims at axle height at the front of the inner tire rims.
4. Place the gauge between the inner tire rims on one of the two marks. Screw out the last bit of the gauge until it touches the other mark.
5 Using a tape measure, measure the length of the gauge from the base to the amount you have screwed the gauge out (i.e. measure the total length)
6. Rotate the road wheels 180 degrees so that the marks are now at the back of the car (i.e. push the car backwards .
7. Use the gauge and do the same as step 4 and step 5.
8. compare the two measurements - if the toe-in is out of tolerance then loosen both lock nuts and adust the control arms equally - so that the toe-in is equal both sides.
9. Remeasure to ensure the toe-in is now correct

Does this method sound as though it will work or am I missing something?



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