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The rear view mirror is easy to take apart!!

August 28 2008 at 7:52 PM
Dennis Jones 

On the way home from work last Tuesday night I used the little anti-glare lever on my interior rear view mirror to reduce the glare from the headlights on the SUV behind me and was rather shocked then one of the lever's pivots broke off. The only way to repair the anti-glare mechanism is to remove the mirror's glass so I did what any smart X owner would do and searched the X-Web archives to see how others have done this. My research uncovered two schools of thought. The first approach involves gently pulling the plastic glass holder out of the mirror body using your fingernails. I had used this method on a parts car's mirror a few years ago and damaged the plastic in the process so I was hesitant to try this again. The second method suggested using a putty knife between the plastic mirror holder and the mirror body but the warning that this may scratch the mirror body or chip the mirror left me wary of this idea too. It seemed to me that the idea of inserting something between the mirror and body was a good one but that the putty knife was just too big a tool so I inserted a thin metal spatula between the plastic and the mirror body and the glass holder (with both cover glass and mirror) slipped right out with no drama and absolutely no damage! Easy!! I suspect that a feeler gauge of about the same thickness (0.016") would work equally well. Here's a photo of the spatula in action..


I've owned X1/9's for 30 straight years (most, if not all, of them with dirty rear view mirrors)and it's hard to believe that it's taken this long for me to learn such a simple trick!

Oh, I was able to repair the anti-glare lever by reinforcing the pivots with a bit of drill rod and then sticking the plastic bits back together with epoxy. Here's a photo, before the glue...


Now the mirror in back in place and my X just needs a quick bath to be ready for the drive to the Italian Gathering in Columbus, Ohio this Sunday!

Cheers - dj


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