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SoCal Monthly Event - Cars and Coffee, Irvine

September 7 2008 at 2:08 PM


I would like to suggest a group gathering of FIATs (any/all models) every 1st Saturday of the month at Irvine Cars and Coffee. This would be a standing event and is something that is not too intrusive on your Satuday as the show is from 7am to 9am. Following the show, we can caravan to a local breakfast spot or we can rotate and let a different person pick each month, using the 2 hours at the show to decide where . The person choosing can work it such that it's on their way home . We can even incorporate a drive afterwards and all be home by Noon, or sooner, to deal with all the "honey-do's". The point here is to have something we know we can plan on going to at least once a month and not have to wait so long in between events. Note that there are a couple of choices here also, Village Coffee Roasters in Calabasas and for the hardcore C&C enthusiast - Las Vegas C&C. I have been to all 3 and think any would be a great time especially since it's fairly guaranteed we'd be the only FIATs in attendance (I usually am when I go solo).

In any case, here is the info on the Irvine meet:

Ford Motor Company
One Premier Place
Irvine, CA 92818-2922

From San Diego:
5 Freeway North, exit Alton Pkwy, turn left then first right.

From Los Angeles/Inland Empire:
5 Freeway South, exit Alton Pkwy, merge on Enterprise, turn left on Alton, right on Gateway.

From Long Beach:
405 Freeway South, exit Irvine Center Drive, turn left.

There is a coffee and food vendor in the parking lot and Ford also opens up their cafeteria offerring a full breakfast menu and clean restrooms.

The next few dates are:

11/1 - Day before France & Italy!
1/3 - Long Holiday weekend!

Keep in mind also that if we get enough of us we can request to be the "Featured Marque" and have our own corral, otherwise, I have cones to reserve parking spaces for us however, it is generally frowned upon if I leave them out for too long and people do not arrive.

Let me know what you think -

1986 Bertone X1/9 a.k.a BlueTooth

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