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Its interesting...

September 9 2008 at 9:08 AM
Jim W. 

Response to does it end? did I make a mistake?

...What many have forgotten (or never knew in the case of the 'under 40' enthusiasts) regarding what it was like to live with a Fiat as a daily driver...

I'm old enough to remember when Fiats were being sold new in the U.S. ...and they had, to be brutaly honest, a horrible reputation for reliability. And to make matters worse, the quality of the the dealer network was also horrible. I knew many that bought Fiats (new and/or used) and after 10 or 20 thousand miles of ownership vowed never to make that mistake again (here in the Northeast, that typically happened after trying to get the car through the first winter).

To be fair, the same goes for British and French cars ...and some Chryslers

I currently own three Fiats (more specifically, two Bertones Xs and a Fiat 124), I love 'em and think they're a hoot to drive... but would I want to depend any of them as my daily transport... no way...

With that said... Don't give up, and I hope you have better days with your X...

Jim W. (in the Northeast)

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