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Check Those FI Hoses!

October 10 2008 at 8:08 PM
Charles Osborne 

After staggering out of my dentist's office this morning, my trusty '86 eXxie (135 k miles) didn't start on the first crank rev. Hrmmph. After some grinding it kicked in, but was kinda' rough. "Aw, I'll check it when I get home and recover some feeling in my face." As I began backing out of the parking spot it began losing RPM. Pressing / feathering the pedal didn't help as it stalled out. I tried cranking again when I noticed out the window a river of "fluid" headed toward the gutter. "WTF?!"

As soon as I opened the door I smelled the gasoline and a cold shiver went through the parts of my body that weren't numb already. Opening the engine deck revealed a thoroughly gasoline soaked engine and engine compartment. The original cotton braid/rubber HP fuel line from the top/output of the fuel filter to the metal line had split! And the split was pointed horizontally toward the engine. (of course)

To get to the hose clamp on the filter end of the hose I had to remove the air filter can lid and hose. This revealed the bottom of the filter can was filled with ingested fuel.

So, the Great Bertone Muse spared my eXxie -- and me! -- to remind you all to check those hoses!

And if your fuel pump runs when the engine is not turning (the condition mine was in when I first got it) pry the lid off the air flow sensor and bend that vane! I'm glad I did. Really glad.

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