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Need 2 cents....79 build: Carb or FI

October 25 2008 at 5:05 PM

My 79 is gutted (by me) to the wiring harness. I have an 81 (rust-ravaged) that was also gutted ALL the way(also by me). The 79 had its head sold by prev owner. The 81 has a complete engine and apparently ran last year.

Should I:

A) get a carb (1300 or 1500) head so I can eventually get dual 40's... (+/-$500head +$2000 dual 40's)


B) swap in the 81's harness and eventually upgrade the injection system... ($????? megasquirt)

Keep in mind that I need to (eventually) be able to smoke my old man who's runnin dual 40's, a hot cam, headers, ignition, and such.

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