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Well my attempt at grim humor for the Halloween season didn’t work….

October 27 2008 at 5:54 PM


Response to The tow truck for sending the X to the car crusher didn’t show up…

Thanks for all the support.

Recall from my message from aweek or two below that I had just pulled the pedal box and replaced and repainted all. New masters. New hoses to the reservoirs, too. Both masters bled and pumping. Brakes bled and working. Clutch slave refuses to bleed.

The best so far is ¾ inch of clutch slave push rod travel. That was just before I realized that the clutch system leaks at the banjo bolt where it is attached to the slave cylinder. Leaks with or without pressure. Having done the hydraulics on many older vehicles over the decades, I have picked up a lot of tricks for dealing with these problems. And I worked through most of the obvious answers to fix leaks like this one.

But this one takes the prize: New copper washers, clean mating surfaces, taking it apart and reassembling multiple times, very carefully, with and eye on everything fitting correctly, and scrutinizing the surfaces for micro-cracks that might be opening on torque. Nothing results in a good seal at the banjo bolt. These efforts over many days only succeeded in moving the leak from one side of the flex hose banjo mating surface to the other.

The moving of the leaks from one side of the banjo fitting to the other makes me suspect that, just maybe, the two flat sealing surfaces on the banjo bolt end of the flex hose are not machined parallel to one another, and that the copper washers are not able to accommodate the corresponding gap.

Me, too. I have never heard of such a thing. I tried putting a micrometer on it, but got ambiguous results. So, I will try another new flex hose because there is not much else left. This project has become one of those.

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