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October 28 2008 at 7:28 AM

Response to Going to TRY migrating DF usage over to the 2.0 system...

#1: Even though you can still see "Reply" links in the 1.0 DF, the system really is in "read only" mode, don't bother clicking those reply links, it will just tell you to log in, and even if you do, you still can't post here...

#2: ANYONE who is having ANY KIND of problem accessing, logging in, viewing, using, posting etc on the Xweb 2.0 system, PLEASE PLEASE EMAIL ME!! Shoot me an email at seattlex19 -at- fastmail.fm ...I'd be happy to help you get going on the new site!

I'll come back here and add any new "helpful" notes regarding the transition if necessary as we go...

Once again, see you all over there!

Peace, -Mac

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