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Pulling the engine - 1500+5spd

August 19 2008 at 5:53 PM
Eric Hamilton (Durham NC) 

What's different about pulling 1500+5spd? I know how to do a 1300+4spd.

Just from looking at it, it seems that the process is pretty much the same, except that instead of removing the driveshafts and their tripod joints from the differential, I undo the allen screws that hold the CV joints together, just outboard of the tranmission... And I still have to remove the suspension A-arms to swing the driveshafts far enough out of the way to get the engine and transmission out as a unit.. just like I would with 1300+4spd? Anything else?

And "5-speed 101" tells me everything that I need to know about the CV joints, right?

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Pulling 5 speed/engine

August 19 2008, 6:44 PM 

It is not nessessary to pull the A arms as you can remove the half shafts and then drop the drive/engine package. The bonus is that you can now lower the car and move it about with the suspension still on the car. Some remove the left side to aid in removal but I have left both A arms on when I removed the package.

TonyK Grimsby Ont Canada.

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Mark Plaia, Springfield, OR

Also, you do not have to remove the allen bolts....

August 19 2008, 7:58 PM 

The stub shafts will pop out of the diff carrier housing. Only remove allen bolts when absolutely necessary.


Mark Plaia
SeaX member #007
74 X1/9 - il mela verde

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dean- 79goldx19

Pull the shafts

August 20 2008, 8:23 AM 

I have always pulled the allen head bolts from both ends of the drive shafts. Gets the safts out of the way. No need to remove "A" arms. I also have fabricated a tripod assembly that sits on the top of the shock towers and over the Targa roll bar. It has a small block and tackle on it. Just jack the car up hi and no messing with jacks under the engine.

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