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Saturdays with Dufour

July 13 2005 at 12:23 AM
bernardcheong  (no login)

Mr Dufour here works every day of the week...Here are some candid shots on a working day when I was there for a friendly visit.

The amount of attention to fine details never escapes his keen eye.

He personally collects the wood for some of the bows used in the process of turning the machines.

Work is extremely hard and lonely, hours are very long.

Yes, the Simplicities are very, very much alive and being made piece by piece, day by day, hour by hour.

My thanks to Mr Dufour for interupting his very busy scedules to show me around...I now even appreciate the Simplicity even more. This is a watch that I would want to own, and one of many fine treasures of craftsmanship.

Apologies for saving the file in a low format..actually the pictures are sharp enough to see the balance coil beautifully.

Making a good bow is important a detail for Dufour, the tools are as meticulously treated as the object being made...the tension between the wooden bow and the gut is important for transalating the feel of the drawn handwork into the metal.

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