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Dornblueth power reserve

December 18 2005 at 8:41 PM
Mark  (Login voronezh)


This week I visited one of the AD's for Dornblueth. He was kind enough to grab a couple for me to play with

When he handed them to me, they were not running. As I was winding the model with the power reserve indicator, I noticed that the hand moves the "other way", meaning the hand moves from "40" towards "10".
This seemed strange to me. I had to look again to make sure I was right (it had been a long night the day before), but sure enough, it's at "ab" (which, extrapolated, could be considered "50") when it's empty and when you wind it, it moves towards "auf", which is "0" if you extrapolate the numeric scale.

I was just wondering why this would be ? All other fuel gauges I've seen work the other way; meaning they show the power reserve left in the main spring, but Dornblueth's philosophy seems to be different.
It seems impossible that this particular piece was a fluke; on the Dornblueth website I see the same layout.

Any thoughts on why this would be ? Do any other brands use this numbering system, where the numbers actually show what could be described as "winding potential of the mainspring" instead of "remaining power reserve"?

Besides this remark, I have to say it's a very good looking watch. The dealer had different models there, I'd have to say that the white dial with the power reserve was my favorite. The finishing of the movement looks amazing.


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