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HPQ, as eightohms has mentioned there is much info

December 28 2005 at 12:04 PM
Jerry de los Rios  (Login FingerBurnF8)
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Response to Jerry, couple of points jumped out after I read

on this forum on Vianney Halter and his collaborations and creations. After reading the available information and realizing there are three sides; A) one-side B)the other-side C) the truth. One amasses the evidence.

This evidence suggests rather strongly that Vianney Halter is a artisan, a craftman and a man driven to perform and create expressions in his art of meticulous beauty. That said, I believe that Jeff Barnes visionary talents are visible and are an important part of the history of this master watch maker. Remember, there is a reason why Audemars Piguet commisioned Vianney's work for that amazing pocket watch & why Mr. Barnes partnered with him.

Yes, you are correct to say, "time is the best judge and one should not be too quick with critique or praise." With regard to both Mr. Barnes & Mr. Halter both deserve a good bit of both. As we all do. But certainly we can see the work done and elucidate that the work Vianney Halter has performed is extraordinary.

Whether it be the amazing case work on the classic, trio(upcoming), antiqua, comtemporaine or goldpfeil fine time-pieces, or the amount of work applied to the movements he fabricates at Janvier atelier. The VH 100, VH 200 mvmt's and the almost 100% in-house movement of the watch VH made for goldpfeil. Are a living testament to Vianney Halter's mastery of both case work and movement development.

In closing, at this point in time I believe there is substantial work and confirmed collabarotions to deduct that Mr. Vianney Halter is and will continue to be a artisan, collaborator, craftsman, fabricator and master watch-maker extremely capable of turning a mere idea into a meticulously crafted work of art.

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