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On the basis of the individuals behind the pieces alone, I would choose...

November 14 2006 at 11:06 AM

ThomasM  (Premier Login thepurist178)
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Response to Disagree the about the "personal" comment...


the Journe.

More and more the people behind the watches (and behind the brands) are beginning to overshadow the assemblage of gears and springs.

I used to be willing to overlook hypocrisy or lousy humanity, if the product was intriguing or beautiful enough.

Less and less I am willing to do this, and more and more, no matter how much I might like the product, I will not own it or even admire it from afar, if I know the creator or brand executive to be two faced or lack personal integrity or lack "humanity" - whatever that means.

I don't know Mr. Smith well (and we have had more than a few chances for this to be corrected, but it didn't) and I have lost touch with Mr. Dufour.

But I will say that from my recent interactions and candid discussions with Mr. Journe and his key persons,

a) I respect the thought that goes into each and every product and component.

b) I respect their business acumen.

c) I respect and appreciate their working principles.

Thus, if I were ever again to be in a position to purchase a timepiece of this level, based upon my feelings and knowledge at this point in time, my choice would be, without hesitation, a Journe.

Just one, insignificant person's point of view.


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