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I look at individuals, and only look at "organizations" only when

November 14 2006 at 12:44 PM

ThomasM  (Premier Login thepurist178)
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Response to Thomas, I was very interested to read your comments about not wanting to support...


I have no other choice.

I don't not buy Mercedes Benz or VW because their past was involved with the WWII Wehrmacht;

I don't not take drugs from Merck because they also study abortion drugs.

I don't demonize guns ("it's the shooter, stupid") and I don't demonize tobacco companies if someone is stupid enough, or makes the conscious decision, to light up something a tobacco company makes and stick it in their mouth and inhale.

To my knowledge, Mr. Torres and the thousands of people involved in Vacheron Constantin, or any of the watch brands owned by Richemont, are NOT * involved in the business of tobacco and tobacco products.

Mr. Rupert's and other Richemont executives' past involvement (and possibly present involvement, I don't know) with BAT and/or other tobacco interests have very little to do with my interest or support of the watch brands Richemont now owns.

Everyone has their own crusades; this doesn't happen to be one of mine, and in this case, like my feelings on charity, I don't proselytize.

But frankly, the production of guns (in a legal manner) and the tobacco business (in a legal manner) are not much different to me than the environmental damage caused by acid washing PC boards used in electronics; the damage from strip mining; or eating foie gras.

But then, you know the old saying about discussions about politics and religion in civilized company...



* (correction; the correct intent should have been clear from context but the mistake of missing the "not" was so egregious it had to be corrected in the body of the original post. TM)

second edit - not sure what happened, my last correction to add NOT to Mr. Torres and VC employees being NOT involved with the tobacco industry somehow screwed up the formatting, making the post essentially unreadable.

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