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November 14 2006 at 2:53 PM
imran  (Login idkuk)
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Response to Why should it irritate you?

Dear Thomas,

Firstly, can I offer my sincerest greeting to you, I would have wanted my first reply to you to of been of a different nature. You are a credit to the world of horology, and for all your efforts, you have my gratitude, I mean that.
I just wish we could move forward, WW1 and WW2 were terrible, so was the A-Bomb in Japan. So was the massacre in Rwanda, damn mankind is so remarkable in his evilness I could go on forever.
The Germans that I have met and for that matter all the japanese (usually something to do with watches!) have enough of a burdon on their shoulders without us piling on more misery, we can not forgive Nazis, fascists bastards, but we can forgive those who today want no more than to live their lives just as we do. Infact thats wrong, they have done nothing wrong, so there is nothing for them to be forgiven for.
Members of my family died serving the British 8th army, but my two favourite cars are the Honda NSX and the Mercedes SL55 AMG but I would not buy a Lange...............................they are just damn ugly, in my not so humble opinion!!!!!

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