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Part III: The Prototypes

November 28 2006 at 8:45 AM

KokChoon Tay  (Login taykokchoon)
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Response to Celebrating the birth of a new star .....

According to Romain, there will be 4 basic models in his first collection - Collection Prestige, comprising of a Rose Gold version with Black Dial, a Rose Gold Version with Champagne Dial, a White Gold version and a Platinum version.

The list price of these 4 models in Singapore are S$45,000 for both the Rose Gold versions, S$50,000 for the White Gold and S$57,000 for the Platinum version.

Each version will be limited to 38 pieces only and Romain promised that he will never repeat the combination again. Also, out of the 38 pieces, 33 pieces will be of standard production whereas the last 5 pieces are opened for slight modifications as preferred by the customer. However, he did not elaborate on this and we shall have to wait to see what variation he can provide for the 5 special pieces of each version.

Again, there will be a diamond version limited to 8 pieces in each of the combination above. The only difference is that the bezel will be covered with diamonds as shown in one of the prototype below. List price is expected to be above S$90,000 on the diamond series...

Prototype 1 - Rose Gold Case, Diamond Bezel with Champagne Dial

According to Romain, this particular piece is the nearest to the finished product of this version.

This watch has a rose gold case with a 3-piece 18k solid gold dial in champagne colour. Hand guilloche pattern.

And yes, this dial is made completely in house by Motres Romain Gauthier, the company founded by Romain Gauthier.

The case measured 41mm by 11mm and curved nicely hugging one's wrist perfectly.

Take a look at this gorgeous movement, calibre 2206 Hm, which is a hand winding calibre with 22 jewels. This movement is completedly designed, developed and mahufactured by Romain Gauthier, amazing isn't it?

The finishing on this version is different from the basic model in that it has a "sand-blast" finished effect whereby Romain did it himself with a special polishing procedures. Edges of the bridges are finished in spectacular high gross finishing.

Look at the curve in body .....

Prototype 2 - Rose Gold Case, Black Dial

Check out the Cote de Geneve finishing on the bridges for the basic model, as well as the PVD coated parts ....

Notice also the "S" shape screw groove that Romain has created? Yes, one will need a specially made screw-driver to unscrew them. According to Romain, there are basically 2 main benefits in this design. One is the it provide better grip than the standard straight screw groove as only the right size tool can be used to scew/unscrew them. Also, it make sure that the movement could not be tempted with by others who have no proper tools.

Prototype 3 - White Gold Case, Grey Dial

Check out the hand guilloche pattern .....

Some parts photos

A very sepcial Balance Wheel designed, developed and made by Romain Gauthier .....

Each watch delivered will have the position of the Balance Wheel with the 4 inertia screws position photographed so that watches sent back for time regulation can be furhter analysed whether it is due to the screws position being changed or just simply wearer's habit.

Personally, I like the design of this wheel very much ....

This is the dial meant for the Platinum version, nice .....

Box of parts brought by Romain .....

(end of Part III)

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