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All visitors to our AP forum please note:

August 25 2008 at 1:49 AM

ThomasM  (Premier Login thepurist178)
AP Discussion Group

I would really like to keep this forum open access to all to read, but I have to ask that you please do your part.

It takes lots of time and effort (not to mention years of experience and lots and lots of my own "experience dollars" paid over decades) to be able to maintain the standards of this forum as the leading resource on all things AP, worldwide.

I am happy to do this, as are the forum regulars, all for the love and sharing of our common interest and passions in all things AP.

I know there are other forums and watch community sites out there; in fact, I consider most, if not all, of the moderators my friends (or at least certainly friendly) on those other sites.

I also understand that where one calls "home" and where one chooses to hang out in the virtual world is a matter of personal preference, no insult or harm intended to anyone. And that's fine. For me, anyway, it ain't a zero sum game competition. a matter of basic courtesy, please be sure to respect the efforts of the moderators of these various forums, including this one.

If you learn of something new, or see a cool photograph you haven't seen elsewhere, and would like to share it with your "buddies" on your "home" site, at least have the courtesy to drop a note or post in the forum where you first read the news or saw the photograph.

This applies here, with topics and pics brought elsewhere, and this applies on other sites as well where you might be motivated to bring topics or pictures seen there, over here.

Again, PLEASE RESPECT the local forum where you found the information or picture by posting a comment or thought, or even a simple note of thanks, even if you want to make the bulk of your discussion elsewhere.

I hate to "put up walls" and wish we could all share a common interest, in a common area, but I understand human nature and how it likes to "group."

Just please, have a little respect and show a little courtesy for those that do work so hard (including Jack Forster, Paul Boutros, and myself) to maintain "playgrounds" for the general community to play and learn in.

I'd hate to see this continued abuse (taking information or pictures without local "respect" and discussing it elsewhere) end up in forcing me to "close the doors" and require log in even to read, maybe even subscriptions.

Thank you.

ThePuristS' AP forum founder, owner, moderator, janitor, and headmaster since 2001.

ps: Paul and Jack do not know I intended, and did not ask me, to make the above comments, but I respect their work and consider them friends, and so included them in my comments. I always believe "what's good for the goose, is good for the gander."

"A Purist does not believe in gilt by association. Respect, AND disdain, have to be earned..."

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