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Further to Andrew's post, here is my Millenary 4101!

May 28 2012 at 10:48 PM
Fr.Xavier  (Login foversta)
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Actually, I have never been a great fan of the Millenary line except some high-end pieces and the Starwheel if we speak about something more reasonable and affordable. Why these high-end watches and the Starwheel were so attractive compared to the other Millenary? Because they fully took advantage of the unusual case shape which was not my feeling with the other Millenary.

The Millenary 4101 was unveiled... and I changed my mind! I found it beautiful at first glance... the mix of colours, the hypnotizing balance wheel which animates the front side of the watch, the complexity of the case. Then I discussed about the movement by itself with Giulio Papi several times. He explained me why it was so special. It is not a mere 3120 with a different architecture, the regulator organ being dial side. Finally, only the winding system is similar and as you know the frequency (4hz) of the movement, the inertia of the balance wheel are not the same than with the 3120.

Caliber 4101 has a power reserve of 60 hours and is rather thick (7,46mm) due to its 3D lay-out.

The watch is big, I won't tell you that it is a small and classic timepiece. But I was looking for something different, something really exciting. The size is a not a problem due to the shape of the case. The Millenary 4101 is very comfortable on my wrist thanks to the lugs. But I have to tell you that I replaced the folding clasp with a classic buckle. Why? Because it didn't find the right position on my wrist and it was giving a strange curve to the strap. The strap is rather stiff and the use of the buckle is much better in this context.

Case width is 47mm and its height is 13mm. This size gives the opportunity to enjoy a complex design with saillant parts and an alternation between brushed and polished elements.

Obviously, the key asset is the visible behaviour of the balance wheel and the design of the front side. The harmony of colours is very appealing thanks to this mix of grey scales. Some key details are highlighted thanks to the use of a bright golden colour; look at the peripheral circle of the time sector, the roman figures... The contrast between the balance and its bridge is higher with the SS Millenary than with the PG one and it is a very positive point. The balance wheel combines perfectly with the figures on the off-centered dial.

This dial is located on the right side of the watch which is perfect if you wear it on the left wrist.

The back side of the watch is a big scene with one main actor: the gold winding rotor. But we are also able to see the 3D lay-out of the movement and thanks to a shy window, a part of the balance wheel is visible. Hopefully, the little window doesn't allow us to see the wrist hairs when the watch is worn! What a relief!

The Millenary 4101 has something magic. It is not a discreet watch but without any show-off details: everything remains under control. This quiet originality is the reason why I consider it as a wonderful addition in my collection.

Some wristshots taken in a very sunny Paris yesterday:



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Even the incabloc is well inserted and doesn't seem to be out of context!

The small second hand subdial is eating a part of the main dial but once you are used with it, it is not a big trouble to read the time:


The same colours atmosphere is preserved on the back side.


The 3D lay-out of the front side:


With such watch, the only thing I can do is to smoke an excellent cigar to celebrate it!



I'm very happy with such beauty on my wrist!


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