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For those who have been asking: information about the Secrets of Vacheron Constantin book

June 21 2005 at 1:22 AM

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“It is now time for me to leave and to let the story of Vacheron Constantin and its secrets come out to meet the outside world. A quarter of a millennium later, the time has come”.

This quote is drawn from the conclusion of Franco Cologni’s foreword to the monumental work entitled “Secrets of Vacheron Constantin” and which represents the culmination of a lengthy task of sorting through and researching exhaustive archive documents. Meticulously selected and logically arranged, the sum of information provided brings to light the secrets of a venerable House that is a full quarter of a millennium old, revealed through the 336 pages of this richly illustrated book. It is accompanied by a DVD providing a dynamic representation of the work in pictures and constituting an innovation in the watch publishing world.

Writing is no easy task when it comes to retracing the history of a brand that is not only one of the most prestigious, but is above all heir to the undisputed title of the world’s oldest Manufacture in continuous activity since its founding in 1755. From the Age of Enlightenment to the era of biotechnologies, Vacheron Constantin spans four centuries, while consistently following the guiding theme traced by the exceptional timepieces stemming from its workshops.

The history of Vacheron Constantin has been forged by the constant quest to strike a balance between technological breakthroughs and commercial dynamics, between the aesthetics of the watch and the performances of its mechanical heart, and between faithfulness to its past and a constant desire for innovation. Harmony is consistently achieved between sometimes diverging poles, as is confirmed by the longevity of a House and its creations which, year after year since the birth of the brand, continue to win over anonymous enthusiasts and famous figures, all fascinated by the prestigious masterpieces emerging from the Vacheron Constantin workshops.

Its own history also reflects the broader history of watchmaking as a whole and indeed of the world at large. Indeed, Vacheron Constantin has accompanied all the major stages in world history since the mid-18th century: from the French Revolution through the Napoleonic wars, the industrial revolution, the discover of the atom and man’s first steps on the moon and right through to decoding DNA, the company has been a witness to universal memory over an incredibly dense period.

This universal context serves to frame the history of Vacheron Constantin, which is placed in perspective throughout half of the 336 pages of this book published by Flammarion. This first part concludes (provisionally!) with the celebration of the brand’s 250th anniversary, marked by the presentation of five commemorative creations that have drawn rapt attention from international observers and horological observers.

The second part of the book is devoted to watches carrying the brand signature and which bear significant witness to its evolution and illustrates various artistic forms of craftsmanship it has cultivated since 1755. Rather than providing a linear catalogue of the full sum of the Vacheron Constantin treasures, Franco Cologni and Dominique Fléchon have preferred to thematically highlight the various professions within the Manufacture and their different forms of expression:

• Watchmaker (striking watches, calendar watches, tourbillon watches, and particularly models with complicated mechanisms and special displays) ;

• Casemaker (design, enamelling, engraving, niello-work, jewellery) ;

• Dial-maker (guilloché work and engraving, galvanic plating,enamelling, jewellery ) ;

• Clockmaker.

Representing a world first in the field of art works on horology, “Secrets of Vacheron Constantin” is accompanied by a 13-minute DVD which, in the form of a filmed narration, offers a visual reading of the book while simultaneously allowing one to enter the history of Vacheron Constantin through a story. The film is available in French and in English.

The book, which is being distributed worldwide, is available in bookstores as of June in the French version, and as of September in the English, German and Italian versions. Representing a truly monumental accomplishment “Secrets of Vacheron Constantin” constitutes a landmark reference work for anyone wishing to become acquainted with one of the richest brands in watchmaking history.

Les secrets de Vacheron Constantin
250 ans d’histoire ininterrompue
Catalogue de montres depuis 1755
Franco Cologni
© Editions Flammarion
ISBN : 2-0801-1326-7
125 €

Secrets of Vacheron Constantin
250 Years of Continuous History
Catalogue of Watches Since 1755
Franco Cologni
© Editions Flammarion
ISBN : 2-0803-0502-6

Auf den Spuren von Vacheron Constantin
250 Jahre Schweizer Uhrmacherkunst
Uhrenkatalog seit 1755
Franco Cologni
© Editions Flammarion
ISBN : 2-0802-1039-4
125 €

I Segreti di Vacheron Constantin
250 anni di storia ininterrotta
Catalogo degli orologi dal 1755
Franco Cologni
© Editions Flammarion
ISBN : 2-0801-1426-2
125 €

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