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Sometimes a watch has your name on it

November 14 2006 at 2:16 AM

alex  (Login argg)
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Moderating the VC forum has been a tremendous experience for me. Not only have I learned alot on the way but have met some true gentlemen which I can seriously consider as friends. Please bear with me while I narrate my story.

Lets rewind back to Nov 2005: its a cold and windy month. Following the Quarter Millenium auction 6 month before there were hardly any interesting VCs available at auction and I had been on the look out for a large tonneau VC for quite some time.

Arrives the Antiquorum Geneva auction catalogue and there I see what I had been looking for a 40mm tonneau cambré VC from the 30s. I immediately send a mail to IanS asking him if he could check the watch out for me during the pre sale exhibition. He sends me a detailed report with mouth watering photos. I instantly but an online absentee bid.

But wait a minute, this is an Art Deco watch....oh oh... Art Deco + VC spells Doc and I had the gut feeling that my Viking friend would be bidding on this lot too! I emailed him hoping he would say that he was not interested but of course thats like saying that my tax man is human...just not possible

Anyway, we emailed back and forth trying to convince the other not to bid (and like the fool I am I even sent him Ian's photos). Ensued long hard negotiations in which I came out victorious I agreed not to bid in exchange of a box of those wonderful Swedish spice cookies (which I'm still waiting for BTW.. )

As expected Doc got the watch, he told me it was fantastic all that I had left were my eyes to cry with!

But that watch had my name written all over it. Recently Doc told me that he had acctually nevr put the watch on his wrist. I tried my luck and offered to buy it from him but he needed to think since he had never sold a watch before. I jumped with joy when his positive answer came. Not only did he agree to sell me the watch, he would not make a euro on me and sell at the paid price and he even sent it over before I had even sent him the funds!

Well here it is on my wrist exacltly one year after the date of auction:

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And a special tribute to Doc: a wrist shot

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