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Please enlighten me!

November 22 2006 at 5:32 AM
PeterS  (Login TimeBuff)
AP Discussion Group

Dear VC experts,

after checking/trying out all kinds of brands over the last 2 years, and discovering the abundance of new brands popping up, dead brands reanimated, fashion companies making tourbillions, quartz-based firms going mechanical and established brands offering models adapting in design and size to the booming and ever younger market segments (all this without condemning or praising, just noticing), I have decided for myself to concentrate on the traditional Swiss (certainly arguably for many) "Big Three": AP, PP, VC.
As a result, having bought an AP and expecting a PP before Christmas, I am now in a process of learning more about VC and its fascination. I really like the aura of history around this brand, the enthusiasm of its fans, the traditional and subtle iteration of models, yes, even the logo/symbol and the sound of the name
Now, surfing the forums and visiting ADs I have the impression that compared to AP and PP, the newer lines of the brand are not really that popular. Many posts and acquisition reports are concentrated on vintage models, full of praise and admiration (and I agree with them), whereas posts on new models seem to be in the minority. Are VC fans really mostly collectors of the vintage pieces or is my impression wrong? What makes the vintage pieces so much more desirable than the new ones?
Furthermore, it seems to me that VCs strategy with new models is mainly focussed on very expensive models (I am thinking about the 250 years anniversary pieces and the recent platinum range) whereas it is difficult for me to identify a real signature model or "cash cow" like the RO for AP and the Calatrava for PP. Is this intentionally so or is a unique line yet to come? BTW, how many pieces does VC produce per year, and, how is the company doing in sales? Does the commercial success justify their model line-up? Is the relative quietness perceived by me around VC really true, and if so, intended in order to reserve exclusivity?
Looking at various posts where people ask if they should buy an RO or an Overseas, the RO usually gets more votes. Looking at chronographs, ever so often somebody shows his new 5070 whereas it is hard to find acquisition posts of the VC counterpart offering (yes I know just recently somebody preferred the VC:-), actually I also like it better.)

Please see this post as a request for explanation and information. I am so new to VC that I realize that my impressions are probably completely wrong. Looking forward to your comments, I would really be very interested what makes VC different and sets it apart from the rest, in your opinion!

Thanks and regards to all,

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