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Simply the best!

November 22 2006 at 6:43 AM

Doc  (Login powin)
PP Discussion Group

Response to Please enlighten me!

Vacheron Constantin has made watches for 251 years.
The name Vacheron has always been on their watches,
since 1819, Vacheron&Constantin.
They had made watches 90 years before PP started.
and 126 years, before AP was created.
In those 251 years VC have made less then 50%
of what PP has done in nearly 100 years shorter time!
Perhaps that's why the history plays such a big part,
among us, admirers of VC.

Why we are some vintage collectors,
that are very enthusiastic,
me for example,
and often buy what we can get,
this simply because:

Beautiful watches, in every sense!

Few watches made, some years during the 30s,
300-500 watches a year,
we are talking about the whole production!
As late as 1950, VC wrote to their AD's,
" Please rember, that we never do more than 24 pieces of each model" !

Still extremely low auction prices,
which makes me and many other "fans" pleased

In mine and many other's, not only VC friends,
opinion was VC the absolute leader in design,
during the 30s - 50s.
That's why we keep coming back,
and you must admit that they are outstanding!

There production volume today,
is about 18.000 watches a year,
but as late as 20 years ago, about 3.000!

I think they have many very nice watches in production,
last year I bought a Malte DTR YG,
the same as a famous movie star, see post below

What you always know, is when they make a new model nowadays,
they have the ambition that it shall be unchanged for 10 years.

Why we, often it's Doc himself, demands more and more daring design,
is only normal, from an enthusiast!

We chastise those whom we love

Wellcome onboard!


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