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I need help!

December 29 2003 at 5:00 PM
Paul Miclea  (Login paulmiclea)

My uncle just gave me as a present a Vacheron-Constantin automatic watch. I want to know if it is original or is a fake. For the moment i can give you only the serial number writen on the back:
These numbers are writen under a flip-back. On the back it is olso writen:

Thuses Lunaires
32 Rubis

It is indicating the year and the month in two litle windows, the day of the month and the day of the week in two litle circles, and in the lower part there is a circle that shows the sun if it is a.m. or the stars if it is p.m..
I guess it is a silly request, but nobody can answer me. I will try to send some pictures in the future, if these informations are not enough. Thank you very much !

Respectfully submited,
Paul Miclea

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Sorry to tell you...

December 29 2003, 6:12 PM 

the engravings and wording are giveaways...but thank your uncle, it's the thought that counts.



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(Login paulmiclea)

Thank you, anyway!

December 30 2003, 2:55 PM 

I want to thank for the response, even if it is not the wanted one. For the moment this watch will be enough for me, but i hope that sometime i will have an authentic Vacheron Constantin watch.
Happy New Year ! for everyone, esspecialy for those who posses an authentic Vacheron Constantin watch.

Best regards,
Paul Miclea.

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vacheron constantine

March 17 2004, 7:06 AM 

Im sorry to tell you my friend that is a fake one because I have the same watch right here in my hand with the same numbers. But, you might have the real one (which i greatly doubt) you can always check these things from the weight of the watch itself because that watch should be a rather heavy watch compared with any other because of the mechanisms in it. The safest bet is just go to a dealer!


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(Login paulmiclea)

Who knows?

March 18 2004, 12:13 AM 

I really want to know if my watch is authentic or not. You were talking about the weight. Well, my watch has arround 120 grams. And the mechanism parts are sign with the VC label. I want to ask You if You can send a photo or a better description of the watch. I dont have a photo of the watch, but i will try to make one or more.
Best regards,
Paul Miclea.

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