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November 10 2005 at 12:15 AM

PeterCDE  (Login pc01)

Response to Re: Pleasure!


if you can afford to do so, it often pays to buy a watch after personal encounter. There´s nothing like having a watch on the wrist and it may (or may not) be quite different from what you guess it will look like after inspecting some internet pictures. Watches are very personal objects and taste differs, so a given model that works fine for one owner might not be appreciated in the same degree by someone else.

Keep in mind it´s a likewise recent discontinued model and most probably a couple of years old. "New" in this regard may say "unworn" (if so), but it´s actually not a watch that was produced in the last few years. Therefore it should have been serviced at least one time. And most probably it will not come with a factory warranty by GP.
Of course all this results in a likewise affordable price (besides the Lady F was less than most current GP pieces), while on the other hand there is a couple of caveats.

Given all this, the decision whether or not to buy such an older model (or an older pre-owned watch) is to be made by each.
Personally i much prefer to see a given model in nature for the reasons above; pictures are no substitute for personal impressions.
I find the "Lady F" to be a nice watch for daily wear with a likewise massive case; there´s certainly nothing wrong with this model (of course i can´t comment on the offered unit in any way).
On the other hand, i find other GP watches and particularly ladies models to be more interesting and more elaborate, such as the Cat´s Eye, a number of Vintage45 models or the Lady Column Wheel chronograph. In general i´m not a great fan of co-branding, because GP´s watches speak for themselves and thus the "Ferrari" tie is not a strong motivation to get one of these (actually it´s putting me off a bit).

In the end, it´s your money - so you have to be confident with it!



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