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The holy grail, 500.000 CHF then...

November 17 2006 at 8:50 AM

PeterCDE  (Login pc01)

Response to Great opportunity, Pocket Watch.....


This is going to be interesting, because it´s GP´s holy grail.
Coming from the watch, it´s simply another league than the wrist watches and requires a lot more efforts and skills. The small number do not allow for some kind of serial production, hence every part needs to hand-made on a one-by-one base. Of which there are many and much smaller than in the wrist watches, as this one does come with a spring-detent escapement. GP still is the only brand to do such and since the 2006 AP Cabinet No. 5, there´s not been other classic mono-impulse escapement around.
Compared to GP´s wrist tourbillon, these pocket watches are more than 10 times more efforts and time to do.
The execution is what you expect in this range, so you´re probably hard pressed to find a finer watch. And one with this pedigree!

Back in 1982, with a price tag of 500K CHF it was among the most expensive pieces in the Baselshow then.
16 sold in the first two days, 2 sold later. And in 2006, there are only 2 pieces of the initial production total of 20 units left, which will be encased in Platinum (a first for a GP Three Gold Bridges pocket watch).

All in all, it´s a pretty special piece.
It deserves someone who really appreciates what it is and how much efforts it represents, which certainly isn´t for everyone (but thankfully, there´s a dedicated book on these ).
So it deserves to fetch at least what it was then, because it´s really a completely different league than serial-produced watches these days, including the very complicated units!



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