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That would be great :-)

November 19 2006 at 11:04 PM

PeterCDE  (Login pc01)

Response to then Peter,

But i´m afraid i´ll have to stick with admiring such things from a distance

Of course you are perfectly right; it´s a very rare chance to get hold of a very rare and very special watch!
Apart from that, the Master Watchmaker who created it is going to retire in the near future. So there won´t be more than the remaining 2 units of the initial 20 pieces, if these will come to existance at all.

This might be apparent from the fact it is prominently featured in two books. One is 1983 book by Roland Carrera "Tourbillon Under Three Gold Bridges"

who describes the challenges and efforts in a great way.
The other is Reinhard Meis "Tourbillons", which is often referred to as "the bible" of all tourbillon fans.

It´s truly a collectible piece and i hope the new owner will find the time to see the historic piece which inspired the re-edition in the GP Museum.
There are so many interesting details and stories about both the historic piece and the re-edition, which are promising for a very special experience.



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