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None taken :-)

November 29 2006 at 10:49 PM

PeterCDE  (Login pc01)

Response to no offense intended

Hi Peter,

i think in some way, it´s about the hen and the egg.
No secret GP pieces are available at higher discounts than others. While it allows to buy something unique and nice for a comparably great price, this will affect pricing in secondary channels either.
So in some way, it´s the downside of the chance to get away with a substantial discount. Which isn´t the same for all models across the whole portfolio and not even the same throughout all regions; try to order a Three Gold Bridges tourbillon and see.

And as an alternative, there´s still a pre-owned piece here and then.

In the real world, for most customers of a GP timepiece all this is not an issue and choosing something special is more important.
It´s in fact like that; GP is not for everyone and mostly choosen by folks who are familiar with fine timepieces and can afford to buy something different in order to complete a collection of fine watches.
And in this regard, the 25800 is not GP´s most special or most expensive piece, but does have some unique features that set it apart from other watches:
The 25800 combines GP´s own automatic movement, GP´s own and very unique large date and GP´s own and very special "Vintage45" case.
It´s well made, reliable and trouble-free, legible and comfortable on the wrist.
And there´s a couple of unique features, which are apparent from the multi-page in-depth review in our GP Gallery.

So in the end, i think it does have it´s merits
This might be apparent from the relatively low number of pre-owned worn pieces on sale. It may suggest owners (who can afford one) do like these so much that they don´t part with them, which i find understandable and justified.



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