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GP 39 Jewel

September 6 2002 at 1:43 PM
Stan H  (no login)

Can anyone give me some information about my watch? I just bought a 14k Gold Filled GP. The dial says, GP, Gerard-Perregaux, Gyromatic above the center and 39 Jewels below. The watch is rose gold and though I have only had it a short time it keeps very accurate time. I would like to know about winding as it seems to be impossible and I don't want to force it.

Anything about this watch would be appreciated such as quality, performance and current pricing.

My e-mail is stanlindy@comcast.net and the URL for the picture is:

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Peter from germany
(Login pc01)

A late 50´s, nice one

September 6 2002, 2:47 PM 

Hi Stan,

based on the outer appearance, the data given and some similar watches i´ve seen (i tend to remember this particular one, shown with the screw back removed):

Your watch seems to be an early gyromatic one dating around 1957-59.

This is a model encased in the US, indicated by the gold plating (european models used to be signed as beeing gold plated, mentioning a gold content was and is prohibited). It should be signed inside the case where you may find the style number (something like B1234) and the serial number (which allows further dating). You may find the manufacturer of the case, often S&W or Ross.
It´s a nice case and i like these big lugs. The rose gold colour is a bit unusual among these watches which were more often yellow gold filled.

The dial seems to be a redial; i can´t see the "swiss" or "swiss made" marking and the lettering is somewhat different to other GP´s of that period.
The hands may be original GP; those "dagger" style including a "paddle" second hand has been quite often used for early gyromatics in 1957-1960.

The watch i recall had a gold plated calibre 21.19, 39 jewels and screw-type balance. Those movements were introduced in 1957 and the first gyromatics to hit the market; in 1961 the next "generation" came up.
If it is an export movement, it should be signed as "GXM" on the balance bridge.
The one i remember was signed "adjusted 5 positions". This refers to a chronometer-grade regulation and adjustment which is a bit unusual for early GP. To my experience those movements are capable of running very good if properly serviced and comparable to contempory watches.

For an inside view on one of those click here.

Now for the quality:
I do like those early gyromatics quite a lot; it´s a very uncommon technical solution for a bi-directional winding and an automatic movement based on a hand wound one is a bit unusual. They are fine crafted, although certainly not comparable to IWC´s 852 calibre.

In it´s days those watches retailed for around $65 to $100 (depending on the model), beeing not a very cheap one.

It´s a nice early gyromatic GP, encased in the US and of unusual colour (for this model). It´s a good watch which will perform well if you take some care of it.

The pricing:
A vintage or used watch is always worth the amount someone wants to pay for it. Prices are depending on the "rarity" of the model, the condition and the acceptance of the maker in general. This one won´t bring you a new car, but it´s well worth a nice dinner (or two).

Enjoy your watch!

Greetings from germany,


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Stan H
(no login)

Peter, Thanks a bunch.

September 6 2002, 7:23 PM 

I felt empowered, after your comments, and opened the back. Here is what I found.
On the movement: Adjusted to 5 Five positions, 2119278, Swiss Made, 6XM.

Inside the back: B1852A, GPRoss, 0109440. There are several scratched letters inside which I assume were put there by some watchmaker.

They are: 2, AL15522 1073, A1174 and a word that looks like Starl, It's in script and I can't tell.

My wife tells me that this is yellow gold, not rose. So much for my color blindness. On the back is:
14k Gold Filled Ross.

Thank you so much for all the information. This watch replaces a GP I had when I was in High School in the early 50s. I bought it because it was similar.

Thanks again from Alabama in the USA

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Peter from germany
(Login pc01)

The pleasure is my side

September 6 2002, 11:45 PM 

Hi Stan,

wear it in good health. It´s a really nice one.
There is some chance GP USA may provide some futher data such as the year it was made.
The number you will need is the style code (B1852A), the movement number (2119278) and the serial number of the case (0109440). To my knowledge all of the numbers are indicating it´s an early GP gyromatic.

The name "Ross" may refer to Bell&Ross which is a major distributor of different brands in the US.

Greetings from germany,


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(Login TJN)

Thanks a bunch, Peter...

September 6 2002, 11:07 PM 

Your knowledge never cease to amaze me.
Keep it up and thanks for helping.

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