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Peter, would appreciate if you can give me more info on this watch..

November 5 2005 at 11:35 PM
Stefman  (Login stefman)
AP Discussion Group

I've been lurking on the GP board for a while because I knew my grandfather has a GP he bought many years ago. He has been wearing the watch on a daily basis since he bought it new on February 22, 1975.

I am very happy as he has just given me this watch.

The warranty card says "Number of Watch: 8897-U" (or it could be a V at the end).

I'm curious on the movement inside, is it in-house?

Also, as can be seen from this photo, there's some damage on the outer edge of the face. Wonder if it's something that can easily be fixed?

Lastly, I think the watch might need a servicing. When winding, the crown makes a "clicking" sound once when starting to wind and it feels a bit "loose". I'm sorry, I don't know how to describe it better.

Thanks in advance for whatever info can be provided on this watch.

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(Login pc01)

A guess

November 6 2005, 2:33 AM 


i can´t add that much; it´s a 1970´s piece and one of many dressy models by GP between mid 1960´s to late 1970´s.
This style (thin case, block index markers and hands) was very modern and quite popular, if customers didn´t choose the much more popular quartz units then. In mid 1970´s, a manual-wind watch was a bit of an overcome piece of history due to the raise of (cheap) quartz.

In general, one should keep in mind most of these models were very different from what GP does today. It´s been more of a nice and good quality watch than being a luxury item. The casework, dials and hands weren´t as fine as they are today, apart from using outsourced movements only. Many of these more dressy models came with gold-plated thin cases, which is something not in use today.

As to the movement, all i can do is guess from the functionality and the estimated size. Based on likely pieces i´ve seen, i´m tempted to believe it´s a GP caliber 091 inside, which is a Peseux 7040 by origin. That´s been in frequent use for most time-only watches by GP and other makers in this period and while it´s not regarded manufactory-made or particularly high-end, it´s certainly a reliable and yet thin movement. Obviously they can work pretty good for a long time!

As to the dial, it depends a bit on what caused the tarnished dial. If there´s been water/moisture inside, it´s likely to be damaged in other parts than the dial only. If it´s only some discolouration of the protective lacquer, then it may be possible to remove.
After 30 years of use, it´s likely to be in need of proper service and if there´s been moisture inside, then i´d guess parts might need to be exchanged. A complete restoration is then due, but that´s to be determined when sending in the watch to a GP Service Center or GP Switzerland.
The same goes for costs of service, which will depend on the required work. I´d guess a full service, particularly restoring the dial, will not be recommendable considering the monetarian value of such a piece; it´s very different from what GP does today and not a model with a particularl importance for the brand or special merits. But it´s most probably possible to bring it back to life and given it´s in the family for so long, costs and value may not be a consideration in first degree.
In this regard, best to do is to get in touch with GP Service for your region and see what can be done!



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(Login stefman)
AP Discussion Group

Thanks Peter. Appreciate your answer...

November 6 2005, 7:18 AM 

I have now a better understanding of this watch.

Thank you,

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