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Expert advice needed.I own a GP EVO3.Can anyone>>

November 13 2005 at 8:01 AM
John  (Login watchjunkie)
AP Discussion Group

tell me how to keep it properly wound on a Winder?
Thank you in advance.


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(Login pc01)

CCW 500

November 13 2005, 8:24 AM 

Hi John,

the movement of the EVO3 is based on the GP3300 caliber, therefore it´s the same winding procedure as for the base movement.

Orbita suggests 500 turns counter-clockwise per day, which reportedly does work fine for most GP automatic full-rotor movements (not the earlier ones based on AS 5008, Valjoux 7750 or ETA 2892, though).

It might be interesting to note not every movement is like the next one of the same caliber; thus some may need a little more rotations while others will wind a little faster or will wind better if worn. That´s somewhat inevitable for a movement that is assembled and regulated by hand, but in general it´s nothing that can be noticed!

For new watches (that is, units fresh from the factory), the winding is part of the "breaking in" period.
Although all and every GP movement is thoroughly checked and tested, all mechanical movements need a little time to work themselves in. In this period the lubrication will "adjust" itself and the gear train will "work in", which usually does cause the watch to wind a little more efficiently after a few weeks of use.
So i´d recommend not to experiment with higher rotations or different winder settings, but to give the watch a little time to achieve maximum efficiency.
Simply said, it´s like a new car´s engine which should be "beaten" to highest RPM right from the start but should be treated a bit carefully for the first 1.000 kilometers.

Hope this helps a bit?

Enjoy your EVO!



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(no login)

Thank you for the helpful info Peter.

November 13 2005, 6:06 PM 


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