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WORLD PREMIERE - the WWTC "Berlin" (and 3 more models!!), pictures ahead!

November 18 2005 at 2:59 PM

PeterCDE  (Login pc01)

Dear enthusiasts,

i think i have some nice impressions and views from the GP exhibition taking place in Muenster/Germany these days.
GP really did spare no expenses and brought everything that was available, with almost the whole range of watches being at hand for close view.

And it´s a beautiful environment; GP´s local authorized dealer Oeding-Erdel is truly lucky:

So if you´re around, don´t miss a visit to Muenster in Westfalen/Germany. You will not regret, it´s a really great place!

More on this later, as soon as the (many) pictures are processed!

I do find we focussed a bit on PR events lately, so let me start with the watches this time.

Marine Chronometer
The most interesting view probably was this one:

This Marine Chronometer is labelled "John Harrison" (and obviously accompanied by the "To John Harrison" models of the Sea Hawk II); as you might know, Marine Chronometers are very special pieces and do have some significance for the history of the brand. As this apparently is a brand new item, i was quite hopefull. Unfortunately it turned out to be a showroom display unit only and there´s no likely model by GP at this point. Those who are familiar with Marine Chronometers in general and fine ones in particular might share the slight disappointment and cheer in encouraging GP to closely consider making some of these for sale
Still i find it a very nice idea and the unit displayed actually did cause quite some serious inquiries by interested collectors!

WW.TC limited edition "USA-76"
Because this one was introduced only a short time ago and there´s much more input below, i´ll leave you with two pictures at this point. In short, it did turn out to look more interesting and nicely made in nature than i did suspect; while some concerns remain (particularly the edition volume for this steel unit), i find the colour scheme of the dial to go very with the case and the topic:

Classic Elegance reference 49570
As noted in our earlier discussions, i still do find this one not perfectly appropiate and not in line with GP´s recent efforts in order to rely on GP movements and particularly to beef up the portfolio. It´s not "officially communicated" either from what i could gather so far (thus it might not even appear in the catalogues), but apparently it´s available.
Nonetheless, in nature it is a much more handsome watch than earlier pictures may make believe. Particularly the date window is nicely done and, unlike most current GP models, this isn´t as much sunken:

The proportions of this watch are excellent and i´m sure it will be a great daily wearer. So despite the fact i´m still not perfectly happy to see it in existance, i tend to like it for the look and feel.

WW.TC Power Reserve - final release
As noted in our SIHH coverage as of May 2005, the new WW.TC Power Reserve underwent a little cosmetic change from earlier prototypes and units displayed in Geneva.
The final outcome is such that the date window is changed; for the better, i may add! The size of 41mm is a simply great blend of sportive and elegant elements. Over all, i do like it a lot, even if the date window inevitably is still a bit deep like the Chronograph variants here:

WW.TC "Berlin" edition
The first "real" non-media pictures of the very latest GP edition; a limited edition of 49 pieces crafted in Titanium, with brushed case flanks and a mirror-polished case top:

This one is a world premiere. I don´t believe there are any pictures of this model shown anywhere until today and while my preference for polished Titanium (and the incredibly smooth feeling when touching it) is not unknown, i´d like to hear your input on this one!

More to come!

Greetings from germany,


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(Login EuJax)
PP Discussion Group

Yellow and red...pretty striking :-)

November 18 2005, 5:49 PM 

Thanks Peter for bringing us the news They all look great!


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(Login pc01)

The "Berlin" is really special!

November 19 2005, 3:02 AM 

Hi Jacky,

my pleasure, of course

The "Berlin" is special; the polished TI case is a great sight, the colour scheme is to my taste much more versatile and inobtrusive than the blue/white "USA-76" and there are no additional signatures on the dial. This makes it hard to spot as a limited edition, while 49 units only makes it a RARE watch by all means. It´s comfortable and still very substantial, with the TI case promising to be sturdy and long-lasting.
One might say it´s a different dial only, but it really speaks to me and it got a lot of compliments over the time of the exposition.

While there has not been a lot of hoopla and not a big advertisement campaign on the "Berlin" WWTC in Germany, it seems it is quite appreciated. Chances are not that bad it will be sold out soon, which i think is understandable as it´s simply a very nice watch and a perfect daily wearer!



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(no login)

I'm speechless Peter...

November 18 2005, 7:47 PM 

Its been sometime since you showcase any new models, than now the bombshell

Its sad that they are not doing the chronometer. I would really liked to see it in the flesh
The USA 76 looks gorgeous and the Berlin one is even more striking ...really lost for words.
Looks like you are hiding something else


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(Login pc01)

Naaa. THIS is a bombshell, actually two of them....

November 19 2005, 2:48 AM 

There´s more to come, so

lovely Sonja and "blue"

This is a picture of the after-expo-dinner; on the left you see Nicolas De Quatrebarbes, who is head of TRADEMA GERMANY, a really really nice guy and watch nut!
The lovely lady is Sonja, an avid fan of BIG watches! She really knows about them and enjoys a large case, with her daily wear measuring 40mm... Therefore it was understandable she insisted on trying a prototype WWTC as soon as it was pulled out... This WWTC in WG (heavy!!!) comes with a special blue dial that was created in 2002 as a unique piece.

From wearing this proto and others, Sonja commented the WWTC makes quite a nice watch for a lady. It´s really a statement on the wrist, but the WWTC is quite a practical watch at the same time. If female enthusiasts can bear the sheer weight of the precious metal variants, these are actually a fashionable choice. Sonja was particularly fond of the "Berlin" WWTC because of the relatively lightweight case (compared with a WG unit), the mirror-polished case finish and the colours, which go well with what are stylish colours for the winter season.
Might well be that there´s a WWTC under a certain christmas tree in six weeks



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(no login)

Nice pieces! Peter, do you have any close ups of Sonja's watch ? n/t

November 19 2005, 10:07 AM 


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(Login pc01)


November 19 2005, 11:51 AM 

A little patience



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(no login)

Thanks Peter...it wears very nice on her ;-) .....(nt)

November 19 2005, 7:35 PM 


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(Login brumma)
AP Discussion Group

a bit confused...

November 18 2005, 11:02 PM 

Peter, you describe the WW.TC Power Reserve but the image is of a picture of the WW.TC Chronograph. Is that a mistake, or am I missing something? I would love to see some photos of the final version of the Power Reserve...



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(Login pc01)

Yes, it´s the chrono

November 19 2005, 2:34 AM 

You´re right, that´s the WWTC chrono!
Word is the outer appearance will be somewhat likely, with the date not as much sunken as the prototypes and it will be delivered before end of December.
So if one is considering a nice holiday gift AND 41mm is enough, then it might be good to wait a little time

As soon as there´s one to shoot, of course i´ll come back to them!



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(Login grahamchang)
AP Discussion Group

wow...I really like the steel USA-76 WWTC....lots of Character! ....

November 19 2005, 9:03 AM 

I havnt seen many intepretations of polished titanium and like the
berlin edi., its usually in combination with satin finishing. although
polished, titanium still has a dull 'greyish' feel to it. I read it is
rather difficult to bring it to that finishing. satin finish titanium
has a distinctly toolish/industrial feel...the combination of satin/polish
finishing may give it a more 'dressy' feel i would imagine


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(Login pc01)

Then this is for you...

November 19 2005, 9:22 AM 

If GP is referring to "polished" surfaces, it´s really a mirror-polishing which does look and work like a mirror:

For comparison, a Sea Hawk Pro with Titanium case and polished case front; as you see, it does show mirror-like reflections of the lights and objects nearby:

The basic colour still is grey/charcoal, but can change between almost black and very light grey, very near steel!

For both the USA-76 and the "Berlin" the price is the same; that may make the "Berlin" even more interesting as it´s a really nice colour scheme and usually Titanium commands a hefty premium over steel. The "Berlin" is less than 200 Euro above the regular model but a very rare limited edition and comes with a most lovely box, so i´d say the whole package makes it a great buy.
The "Berlin" is limited to Germany and quite a number of units is already sold, so interested enthusiasts better act quick!

More on both later!



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