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The watchmaker´s perspective

November 19 2005 at 9:47 AM

PeterCDE  (Login pc01)

From the GP expo and GP event in Muenster/Germany:

the watchmaker´s perspective

GP brought a fully equipped watchmaker´s bench for a live presentation, which included the disassembly of a GP30C0 colum-wheel chronograph.
The LC display unit on the right is a timing machine, where interested enthusiasts had a chance to have their timepieces checked. Currently in testing the Sea Hawk model on the left (but not wound up, thus not showing the results it is capable of).

Screwdrivers are vital in watchmaking and these are the best available. In the background the timing machine and the microphone unit (on the left).

The microphone unit of the timing machine and a good array of fine loupes.
The wooden sticks are used for a variety of tasks, such as to correct the position of levers. The soft wood is hard enough to allow gentle moving of a part built in, but it is soft enough not to leave scratch marks.

Pliers, tweezers, screwdrivers and Rodico (the gum-like material), which is used to pick up tiny parts and remove oil or dust without leaving stains on metal parts.


More later, in a somewhat more comprehensive write-up!

I´d like to mention the full set of GP timepieces will be on show until Monday, 28th of November! So if you got interested, it´s certainly worth a visit as few dealers here in Germany will host such a great overview of GP´s portfolio!

Greetings from germany,


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Thanks for the report and pictures Peter, very much

November 20 2005, 3:19 AM 

appreciated. I really wish I had the chance to see you and the exhibition in Münster, but I am strapped to my desk

Best wishes from Bavaria,


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What does it take ?

November 24 2005, 12:48 PM 

Hi Peter,

What makes a good watchmaker ?

My son (10 years old) likes is fathers watches and I just might be able to push him in that direction ?

Of course, you must have a steady hand and a good eye, but what does it take ??

Greetings from Holland,

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November 24 2005, 1:14 PM 

Hi Jeroen,

it´s sometimes noted that good eyes, skilled hands and a lot of patience do help, together with interest and passion for mechanical objects and manual work.

So watch out when he starts to disassemble the clocks in your home



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